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How to update your navigation system.

Update your Navigation system for vehicles from 2021

Here we show you step by step how to download manually the new map material for your Navi System of vehicles from 2021 and import it into the navigation system.


Please note that the update is only performed with the infotainment system switched on. When the Infotainment system is switched off, the installation process is interrupted and resumes automatically when the system is switched on again.

Follow the steps below or download our step-by-step guideline.

1. Go to the Infotainment system settings to view your current map data version.

2. Download the navigation data and save it on a USB data carrier.

3. Switch on the vehicle ignition.

4. Connect the USB data carrier to the Infotainment System when the vehicle is stationary.

5. If you update the navigation data manually, the USB data storage device must remain permanently connected for a few days until the navigation data has been installed. The installation will be done automatically in the background while driving for a few days.

Please Note

Because the navigation data is stored on the SD card which remains in the vehicle, the card may be subjected to extreme environmental conditions. To ensure that the navigation system keeps functioning correctly, your Navi System will only accept SEAT-approved SD cards. If your original card is lost or damaged, you can obtain a replacement from your local SEAT service partner.

Update Navi System is only possible for vehicles from 2021. If your CUPRA is from 2020 or older it may not accept these updates. To check if your car is compatible, please contact your CUPRA Garage or CUPRA Service Partner.