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CUPRA Choice

CUPRA Choice^ is a flexible finance solution providing you with a Guaranteed Future Value^ (GFV) for your vehicle.


How it works

CUPRA Choice^ is a flexible finance solution providing you with a Guaranteed Future Value^ (GFV) for your vehicle. At the end of your contract term, you have the option to renew, retain or return your CUPRA.

The benefits

  • Knowing the minimum future value^ of your CUPRA
  • Solutions based on the term and kilometre usage of your vehicle
  • You have three options at the end of your CUPRA Choice^ contract
  • Upgrade your CUPRA to the latest model more often
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    Click to apply for finance and tailor your loan to suit your lifestyle.

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With a Credit Agreement, the financier takes a security interest over the car and remains the owner until the final instalment is paid. With the payment of the final instalment, you become the sole owner and the financier’s security interest over your vehicle is released. 

The interest rate is set at the beginning of the contract term and remains the same over the whole loan period.

You can calculate the regular repayments on our finance calculator – simply select the car you want, the desired contract term, your preferred deposit, and the final balloon payment you would like to make. The calculator will then display the regular repayments and you can adjust the term, deposit, and balloon amount to suit.

If you would like to have a low monthly installment, you can do so by paying a larger deposit at the start of the contract.

You may also want to talk to your CUPRA agent about CUPRA Choice. CUPRA Choice is a flexible finance solution that provides you with a minimum future value on your new car and reduces your regular repayments as these are calculated excluding the future value. 

With a Credit Agreement you have the choice to pay a lower monthly repayment over the entire term of the contract and have a larger final payment.  This final payment is referred to as the ‘Balloon’.

With CUPRA Choice your Balloon will be the minimum future value of your car, which you have the option to pay if you want to keep the car at the end of the term or you can choose the return or renew option.

As a rule, you can trade in your current vehicle and use this to pay part of the deposit on your new car. This deposit can lower the regular repayments.

Ask your CUPRA agent about this option.

You can freely choose from the entire range of configuration options and models from CUPRA and put together your own personal dream car.

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