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CUPRA Commitment

CUPRA Commitment

Human customer service.

Get introduced to a whole new world of services at CUPRA specialised dealerships. Our people are looking forward to meet you there and assist you.

CUPRA Experts

In it for the whole ride.

It all begins with your CUPRA Master, by your side throughout your journey with us. Also, your CUPRA Service Advisor will be your expert for any technical support with your car.

CUPRA Courtesy Car

CUPRA, at all times.

You’re entitled to a CUPRA Courtesy Car in perfect condition for any repairs lasting longer than one hour.

Exclusive services

A VIP experience.

Enjoy priority appointments, reserved parking space, maintenance services in under two hours and more. We’ll also set up a consultation with your CUPRA Service Advisor to show you all the ins and outs of your CUPRA.

CUPRA Mobility Services

Unique benefits.

Every CUPRA comes with standard yet premium advantages no matter the dealer you purchase it from, like 24/7 roadside assistance across the EU.

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We currently have XX CUPRA specialised dealerships in your country where you can discover the world of CUPRA in real life.